Goa's best kept secret

Often referred to as above or 'Goa's hidden gem', the Hollant beach is the closest beach to the Goa airport and is situated on a small bay – a fisherman's cove. The beach is essentially untouched by touristic crowds and has a few fishermen's houses in a most charming setting. Legend has it that the Hollant beach was put to ample use by silver smugglers in times gone by. There still exits an old customs check post on one end of the beach and a holy cross built upon the rocks jutting out towards the sea. The short walk from Devasthali to the beach is mesmerizing as the road winds through tall coconut trees with a paddy field to the left and hill slopes to the right.
With severe building restrictions governing all coastal areas, Devasthali is as close to the sea as you can get, in the modern context.

Bird's Eye View